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About Kent

You can find the right style of music to fit your taste and your setting with Kent on Drums.  Kent lays down the groove for every band he plays with.  His role is to support the band and deliver what is needed to make the band sound their best which makes your event a success. 

Drummer, Kent, is well versed in rock, jazz, funk, R & B, and Latin styles of music.  His performance journey of over 35 years started with his studies under Phil Stanger of the Legendary Frank‚Äôs Drum Shop in Chicago.  Since then he has been jobbing with numerous great bands throughout the Chicaoland area and held the drum chair in Deacon Blues Steely Dan Tribute Band, Ezra Quantine Ragtime Memorial Band, Al Pierson Orchestra (currently Guy Lombardo Orchestra), We the People, The Saxophones, World Class Noise, Tropical Espionage, Atomic Martinis, Traffic Jam, Midnight, and The Niche,.  These groups have advanced his musical journey from the vibrant Lincoln Avenue club scene to many other venues, show circuits, and stages throughout USA and Canada.  In any band or on any stage, Kent plays with heart to lay down a solid groove so audiences feel the music they hear.